The great English romantic poet William Wordsworth once said that a father is someone “to God Himself cannot give a holier name.” A father is the provider and protector of the family; he is the one who cloaks the entire family with security, affection and love.

We raise a toast to fatherhood on a specific day every year, celebrating it as Father’s Day. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. Father’s Day 2023 will be celebrated on the 18th of June.

It is a day when you can show your love, respect and gratitude to your father with beautiful gifts and heartfelt messages to prepare him for a special day.

Considering pampering your father with an important gift on Father’s Day 2023? Then planning a fantastic vacation packed with life-changing experiences is a great way to surprise him!

Whether you plan to escape only for the weekend or put in a couple of days away voyaging, going out travelling is the ideal chance for you to hang out with your dad.

Look at the best Father’s Day trip ideas for 2023, choose the best one and start planning to surprise your father in a unique way.

Get adventurous with Your Father

Are you looking for intriguing Father’s Day ideas to create new memories? Then head outdoors and plan for an adventurous holiday with your dad. Partake in adventurous activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and skydiving. You can consider these exotic destinations for your Father’s Day adventure.

Vietnam: Vietnam is a paradise for travellers, known for its great culture, delicious food and exhilarating outdoor activities. Enjoy a cruise through Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and breathtaking mountain hikes.

Get adventurous with Your Father

South Africa: This is another incredible destination that will take your adventurous spirit to the next level. Start your trip with a remarkable safari experience and watch wild creatures in their natural habitat.

Take a leap of faith from one of the world’s highest bungee jumps at Bloukrans Bridge Bungy along the Garden Route and enjoy surfing and snorkelling at the country’s stunning beaches.

The USA: The USA is home to a plethora of enchanting getaways that offer travellers the opportunity to experience nature in a unique, primeval setting.

Acadia National Park is one of the popular camping destinations in the country. Situated on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, this reserve park embraces the highest rocky points along the Atlantic coastline of the United States.

Acadia National Park

Apart from walking trails, the park has more than 1,100 plant species, green forests, glistening lakes, and bountiful wildlife.

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Why is Father’s Day in June?

The June observance of Father’s Day marks the birth month of the father of the founder of the holiday. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on the 19th June, 1910.

Go on a Brewery Tour with Your Dad

A vacation with your dad is the perfect excuse to visit famous places for beer, wine, and whiskey if you and he love good drinks.

Scotland: Travelling to Scotland could be the best way to enjoy a “wee dram” in the country’s well-known whisky distilleries. Don’t forget to taste Ireland’s signature beer in its homeland! You can visit an Irish brewery across the Irish Sea in Dublin.


France: A trip to France is mandatory for all wine lovers. This beautiful country is known for its famous wines and breweries. It is the place where perennial favorites like Bordeaux and Champagne were invented.

France best place to go on this Father's Day

Colorado: Do you want to spoil your dad for the rest of the year? A weekend trip to Colorado is the best place to go on this Father’s Day.


Though famous for picturesque scenarios, Colorado Springs has also inscribed its name for its scrumptious brewery scene. The city is flooded with over 20 craft breweries, from family-oriented ones to eminent businesses with over 25 years of history, including the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company and Red Leg Brewing Company.

Napa Valley: Stunning views of golden vineyards, excellent wineries, cozy boutique hotels, and restaurants with Michelin stars: a vacation in Napa Valley looks like this.

Napa Valley

Ideal for the gourmand fathers and wine aficionados, the California Wine Country spoils vacationers with the best wine tastings and tours in the United States.

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Go for a Golf Holiday with your Father

Is your dad a sports fanatic? Planning a golf trip is one of the popular Father’s Day activities that will help you to win his heart.

Arizona: A trip to Arizona could be the best option, as the city boasts more than 300 high-calibre golf courses. Most of these courses are located in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas.

Golf Holiday with your Father

Spending a few hours with your dad on the green is a great way to catch up, bond, and have fun. You can even spend a few days at a stunning golf resort in countries like Scotland, South Africa, the USA, Portugal and Spain. Or you may join a golf day trip adjacent to your home.

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Indulge in a Food Tour

Food has become an integral part of a vacation. If both of you are food connoisseurs, why don’t you plan a food tour to countries famous for their cuisines?

Indulge in a Food Tour

Sample the fresh meat, pasta, pizza, and local ingredients in Italy. In France, indulge in fine dining. In Spain, share plates of tapas with your dad. Taste new fish in Greece, relish extraordinary flavors in Turkey and test Dutch cheddar in the Netherlands. In Hungary, indulge in hearty dishes like goulash and lángos.

The clichés “Dad, I’m hungry” or “Hi Hungry, I’m dad” never get old. But imagine how much funnier it will be when you say it in Hungary.

New Orleans: New Orleans is a foodie’s paradise with mouthwatering Creole cuisine infused with French, African, Caribbean, and Italian flavors. The city is popular with food aficionados because it has a lot of great restaurants, so buckle up your shoes, because you and your father are about to do some eating!

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Go for a Road Trip with your Father

A road trip gives you the utmost bonding opportunity. Pack a bag, grab the keys, hit the road, and enjoy fun travel with your dad.

Go for a Road Trip with your Father

Plan a route that includes stops at new locations, old favorites and a few eccentric spots. While planning fun travel on the road, include activities like rock climbing, hiking, boating, etc.

Stop at roadside diners or explore hidden places together. You can traverse through your home country or opt for a foreign location; just ensure you know which side of the road people drive on.

Prepare a music list that includes a few of your dad’s favorite tunes, and rock out along the way! So there are many ways that will make a road trip an ideal vacation with your dad.

California: You can consider this place for an ideal road trip vacation. The best way to discover this enthralling state is to explore it from north to south.

Your first stop will be the Sonoma Valley, where you can taste some mouthwatering seafood dishes and views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

The next stop will be in Big Sur. The seaside cliffs and views of California’s coastline make this rugged area famous. While driving south, take a break at Santa Barbara and then in San Diego.

The final stop will be in Los Angeles. This modish city glitters with swinging palm trees, beautiful dining spots, and compelling street performers.

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Do you feel motivated? Yes? Certainly! It’s the perfect time to plan fun travel with your dad, as nothing beats the gift of travel.

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What activities are there for Father’s Day 2023?

We have curated some Father’s Day activities that will cater to the interest of every kind of father.

  • Plan a vacation
  • Have a movie date
  • Organize a themed party
  • Take him to a cooking class
  • Go Golfing
  • Host a sports tournament
  • Curate a playlist
  • Plan a nice dinner at his favorite spot
  • Put on a performance