Over the past few years, Cairns’s popularity has been thriving rapidly. It has become one of the prominent tropical getaways in Australia due to its epic waterfalls, island gems and numerous water sports activities.

But the list won’t be complete if we don’t mention a couple of unspoiled Cairns beaches that attract tourists the most. Lucky for you, these beaches are worth visiting on your Cairns trip.

Here, we have curated the list of the best beaches in Cairns and the surroundings you would like to check out on your next trip!

So, without further ado, let’s plunge into the sun-kissed sands and azure waters of these beautiful Cairns beaches.

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Cairns Beaches

  1. Yorkeys Knob Beach

Yorkeys Knob is one of the popular and charming Cairns beaches that will make your trip more blissful. This golden treasure invites you to discover your paradise in the vast sand and palm-lined hammocks.

Yorkeys Knob Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

Located just 13 km away from Cairns, this beach is perfect for windsurfing and sailing. Your sail will get a lot of thrust from the southeast winds, and the big stinger net will let you swim freely.

Since the beach is adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests, nature enthusiasts will always get something to explore.

Best Time to Visit

April to November is the best time to visit here.

Pro tip

Don’t forget to satiate your hunger at the open-air Yorkeys knob boating club and enjoy bistro meals.

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Why is it called Yorkeys Knob?

The area got its name from George Lawson (a Yorkshire-born and Cairns-based beche-de-mer fisherman).

  1. Trinity Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Cairns due to its spectacular views and pristine sands. Compared to other Cairns beaches, locals and tourists prefer to mingle here; thus, the beach always gives a friendly vibe.

Two headlands encircle the beach, creating an excellent Bay area where all the popular activities can occur.

Trinity Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

The beach offers plenty of water sports activities, including kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding.

If you are a beach bum and came here to relax, you will be amazed by the beachside cafes, restaurants, and bars.

For adventure buffs, the beach offers various tours at regular intervals.

Best time to visit

You can visit this Cairns beach any time of the year, but the best time is either between September to November or March to May.

Can You Swim at Trinity Beach?

Yes, swimming at Trinity Beach is very popular among tourists and locals. The stinger nets are placed during the stinger season (typically between November and May) to provide a safer environment for swimmers. But always pay attention to the warning signs and local advice.

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  1. Palm Cove Beach

Are you looking for a serene paradise destination? Palm Cove (the Spa capital of Australia) in Cairns is a quaint beach that offers the utmost tropical serenity and relaxation.

The beach is surrounded by many upscale beach resorts and hotels that will pamper you and cater to your every whim and fantasy.

Palm Cove Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

The beach is a perfect honeymoon or relaxing retreat due to its tranquil atmosphere.

If you want thrill and excitement, you can go for a kayaking adventure or try fishing.

The beach also offers Great Barrier Reef excursions and rainforest trips to visitors.

Shop from nearby boutiques and pamper yourself by taking benefit of the health and fitness centres.

Best time to visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit this Cairns Beach.

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What is the closest beach to Palm Cove?

Trinity Beach is the closest beach to Palm Cove. This beach is situated only 30 minutes away from the north of Palm Cove.

  1. Ellis Beach

Ellis Beach Cairns is a hidden gem located beside the Coral Sea. The beach has a surf life-saving club that hosts various events and competitions throughout the year.

The beach was named after Dick Ellis, a shot firer for the New Queensland department. The state government constructed a house for him on this beach after he was injured and lost his hand in an accident.

Ellis Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

This peaceful beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking.

One must watch out for stingers from November to May; however, some watches ensure security norms.

The beach is also famous for its pumice stones which line the shore. Many revellers used to collect them as it is a major hobby in the localities.

The beach is also jam-packed with many restaurants and cafes offering Cairns’s best foods.

Best time to Visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit Ellis Beach.

Does Ellis Beach have a stinger net?

The beach has a stinger net from November to May patrolled by the club. This net safeguards swimmers from marine stingers found in the waters during these months.

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  1. Holloways Beach

Holloways Beach offers a nonchalant atmosphere, perfect for a fun travel destination with friends and family. It is a narrow beach, with only two meters in its width.

Holloways Beach

The beach offers an ideal fishing environment; you will find many locals here with fishing nets.

Prime attractions in Cairns

The beach has a shack where you can find local alcohol made from various fruits.

The beach is lined with cafes and bars, making it a perfect holiday destination.

The beach also has a stinger net to protect swimmers from unnecessary accidents.

Best time to visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.

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  1. Kewarra Beach

This beautiful Cairns beach is located in a peaceful area of the town. Kewarra Beach faces Kundarra National Park to the west and the Coral Sea to the east.

Kewarra Beach

You can only find a little shopping centre on Poolwood Road. Pelican Park, a foreshore reserve, is next to Kewarra.

Prime attractions in Cairns

Going for a leisurely stroll on this beach while listening to the exotic birds chirping nearby is a great idea.

This Cairns beach is an ideal option for those who want to avoid the hustle-bustle crowd of the city.

The other reserves near Kewarra Beach include Crocodile Park and Brolga Park.

Many luxurious resorts surround the beach, including Kewarra Beach Resort and Palm Beach country club.

Best Time to Visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.

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What does Kewarra Beach mean?

Kewarra is an indigenous word meaning “at the foot of the rainbow”.

  1. Machans Beach

Machans is modest in comparison to other extravagant Cairns beaches. Since it is adjacent to Cairns, it can be easily accessible through all transport modes.

Machans Beach

People who want to escape the chaos of most of Cairns’ northern beaches typically visit this location. Machans embraces visitors with a tranquil hippy-style beach experience.

Prime attractions in Cairns

Machans Beach hosts a small community of cafes and shops and a peaceful shoreline perfect for relaxation.

The beach’s community centre reflects the locals’ attitude that sets them apart from other communities of Cairns.

Best Time to Visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.

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  1. Clifton Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Cairns, surrounded by graceful palm trees. With its playgrounds and swimming net, this beach is ideal for kids. The beach has BBQ facilities so you don’t need to go to other places to eat.

Clifton Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

You can stroll up to Palm Cove, eat at one of its restaurants, and then relax in the unspoiled natural setting Clifton offers.

This beach is highly preferred by lovebirds looking for privacy and family members seeking time to spend together.

Best Time to Visit

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.

Does Clifton Beach have a stinger net?

Clifton Beach has stinger nets during summer months and is supervised by lifeguards.

  1. Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas is an enthralling tropical destination that portrays the captivating natural beauty of Australia’s northeastern coast.

Its serene atmosphere, pristine sands, and astonishing surroundings offer an excellent escape for beach lovers seeking quietness and relaxation.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Prime attractions in Cairns

Due to its calm water, the beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Four Mile Beach is also blessed with a walking trail where you can jog or walk and enjoy the pristine beauty of the ocean.

The beach also offers plenty of water sports and activities, including Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and kiteboarding, to all adventure aficionados.

The beach also organizes annual events, like the Port Douglas Carnival and the Coral Coast Triathlon.

The Best time to visit Cairns

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.

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  1. Ray White Cairns Beach

Ray White Cairns Beach is famous for its real estate business and property management. But least people know about the beautiful sight of the beaches, which inhibits the natural beauty of Ray White Cairns Beach.

 Ray White Cairns Beach

Prime attractions in Cairns

The beach offers affordable stays or houses to vacationers.

Tourists flock to this beach to enjoy its outstanding scenic beauty. It is one of the few places where the rainforest and the reef coincide.

You can partake in various activities like island tours, scuba diving, scenic flights and adventure tours on your trip.

Best Time to Visit Cairns

September to November and March to May are the best time to visit.


There is something for everyone at the Cairns beaches, from exciting water sports to peaceful, private escapes. You will discover a world of natural beauty and unforgettable experiences by exploring the best beaches in Cairns.

So pack your bags, grab the sunscreen, and prepare for the beach getaway of a lifetime.

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Which is the nicest beach in Cairns?

Cairns is home to many beautiful and pristine beaches, each one with unique features and charms. However, opinions on the “nicest” beach may vary based on individual choices.

Palm Cove Beach is a perfect postcard vacation destination due to its picturesque scenery and incredible views. It highlights flawless white sands, azure waters, and swaying palm trees. The beach is between two headlands, creating a serene and charming environment.

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