A country with enchanting natural beauty and tranquil village life, Vietnam is known all over the world as one of the outstanding travel destinations. Situated in Southeast Asia, this ‘S’-shaped country remains abuzz with tourists throughout the year.

There are many best things to do in Vietnam, which makes it wanderlust’s heaven for adventure, culinary pleasures, and beach fun.

You can find many things to do while planning your holiday in Vietnam, and below are some recommendations to consider.

Explore Hoi An

If you are fed up with your unstoppable working days and want to refresh your soul, Hoi An could be your best choice. This quaint town in Vietnam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10 things you can’t afford to miss in Vietnam

The old town is full of winding streets and Chinese-style shophouses.

Things to do in Hoi An

  • Cycling through the streets of Hoi An old town
  • Visit popular attractions like the Japanese Covered Bridge, Tan Ky House, Assembly Hall of the Cantonese Chinese Congregation, etc.
  • Pay attention to the four museums of Hoi An (the Museum of Folk Culture, the Museum of Trade Ceramics in a traditional Hoi An home, the Museum of History and Culture and the Museum of Say Huynh Culture).
  • Enjoy the Eco Tour, which shows you how to row a basket boat and catch fish.

Pro tip

Remember to taste local delicacies like caolau, a mixture of flat noodles, croutons, and bean sprouts topped with pork slices.

How many days in Hoi An is enough?

You should spend at least three days in Hoi An to explore the ancient town and its neighboring areas.

Cruise at Ha Long Bay


With 1,600 limestone towers rising from its azure waters, Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s most pristine spots. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ha Long Bay cruise tour is one of Vietnam’s best things to do.

Cruise at Ha Long Bay

The bay offers hundreds of cruise trips every day. Visiting Ha Long Bay on luxury cruises, you will have an unforgettable experience. You will get to explore the celestial beauty of the limestone bedrock and small isles around the bay.

Cruise tours are available on various packages (either one night and two days or two nights and three days) that will fulfil every traveller’s budget.

Price: $43 or 1,029,182 VND per person for one night and two days cruise

Pro tip

Explore Bai Tu Long Bay (just a few miles from Ha Long Bay) to witness the jaw-dropping scenery of nature and feast on super-tasty succulent seafood.

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Is Ha Long Bay one of the 7 Wonders of the world?

Ha Long Bay was officially acknowledged by New7wonders as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world on 11/11/2011. Today, Ha Long Bay is one of history’s seven landmarks forever remembered.

Kayaking in Saigon River

Kayaking in Ho Chi Minh City should be on your list when planning your holidays in Vietnam.

The famous Saigon River is the best place for kayaking in Ho Chi Minh City, as the weather is very calm and unobtrusive.

Kayaking in Saigon River

Price: $2 or 46,908 VND per person for 2 hours

Pro tip

  • Check your equipment before starting kayaking
  • Never use alcohol or mind-altering drug during the tour Visit Buon Ma Thuot (the coffee-making hub)

Buon Ma Thuot is the coffee-making heartland of Vietnam, where you will find many coffee-related attractions.

Visit Buon Ma Thuot (the coffee-making hub)

The Trung Nguyen coffee company is a famous coffee-making company in Vietnam.

During the coffee-making tour, visitors will learn about the country’s coffee industry and its contribution to the nation’s economic growth.

You can taste various coffee like a weasel or civet coffee (the best in the world claimed by coffee aficionados).

Pro tip

Taste Vietnamese egg coffee when you are in Hanoi.

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Why is Vietnamese coffee special?

Vietnamese coffee has higher antioxidant properties and contains 60% less sugar and fats than arabica beans. Thus, it is a bolder and smoother brew.

Explore Vietnam’s local food tour

This gastronomical activity is one of the must-do things in Vietnam that entices connoisseurs to this place. During the food tour, you can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of Vietnamese food from the country’s restaurants.

Explore Vietnam’s local food tour

On your food tour, you should try iconic Vietnamese dishes: Pho, Cha ca, Banh xeo, and Cao lau.

Pho is a staple Vietnamese food made up of clear stock, boiled beef, rice noodles and herbs or green onions. Every street food vendor and upscale restaurant serves this dish.

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Why is Pho famous in Vietnam?

Pho is Vietnam’s national dish, famous for its deceptive simplicity and intricate flavors. This dish is delicious, refreshing, hearty, and warm.

Try to find love at Sapa’s love market

This hill station in North Vietnam offers enchanting views of the Hoang Lien Mountains and a vibrant market.

Sapa’s love market

Sapa’s cultural market truly exhibits the tradition and culture of Vietnam and is attended by the Dao people.

Earlier, this market was the prime hub for cupid to play love between young boys and girls. But these days, it is a picnic spot where vacationers can find Vietnamese girls dressed in traditional attires and performing beautiful songs & dances.

Pro tip

Every Saturday evening, the market becomes more colorful and lively. You can also purchase souvenirs here.

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Explore Vietnam’s history in Ho Chi Minh City

Though Vietnam is a thriving nation, the country’s war-torn history can’t be ignored. All the sacrifices made by the nation have been remembered throughout the country, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City.Ho Chi Minh City Museum portrays the country’s gory past through photographs, artefacts and mementoes. It has been done sensitively, without hurting the atrocities, and is housed in the Gia Long Palace.

The War Remnants Museum is another essential place reminding people of the country’s local atrocities. The Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi features an enormous weaponry collection. The museum exhibits Chinese, Soviet, US and French-made weapons that were seized during the warfare.

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Cycle around Hue

Set on the Perfume River, Hue divided the country into the northern and southern parts during the Vietnam War. This place is an integral part of Vietnamese history.

Cycle around Hue

Cycling around Hue allows you to revel in the celestial beauty of the countryside and gives a glimpse of the local life. During your cycle tour, at your pace, you can stop at famous attractions like Imperial Citadel, Thai Hoa Palace, Forbidden Purple City, etc.

Price: $40 or 9, 46,813 VND per person for 3 hours

Pro tip

After reaching Imperial Citadel, cycle through the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Vietnam’s version of the Forbidden City.

Is it safe to cycle in Vietnam?

Vietnam is an ideal country for biking. The country has many bike repair shops and mechanics who can handle your complex gears and special bike requirements. Keep in mind that Vietnamese drive on the road’s the right side.

  1. Appreciate the Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang

Have you ever seen a hand bridge like this before? The Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang is genuinely an instagrammable spot you can’t miss on your holiday in Vietnam.

holiday in Vietnam

Striders can stroll across the 150m-long pathway, enjoy the seamless beauty of Ba Na Hills, and feel like they are being held in the sky by two massive, God-like stone hands. The stone hands are made up of sturdy steel and fibreglass.

Timing: 7 am to 9.30 pm

Ticket price: $33 or 750,000 VND for adults

Pro Tips

  • Book your ticket in advance to avoid the crowd
  • To click memorable photographs, you should visit the place either in the morning or relaxed afternoon.

How do I get to Golden Hands Bridge?

How do I get to Golden Hands Bridge?You must take a cable car from Hoi An to reach this bridge. It’s a 40-minute to 1-hour journey from Hoi An.

Traverse Cu Chi tunnels and enjoy the Ho Chi Minh City tour

Experience the fun and learn more about Vietnam’s history while traversing the Cu Chi tunnels. The total area is 250 km and consists of hospitals, kitchens, as well as an underground storage area.


During the tour, explore prominent places like War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Old Post Office.

Visit China Town and admire the architecture of Thien Hau Pagoda, a Chinese-style temple.

Timing: from 7.30 am (Monday to Sunday)

Time duration: 9 hrs.

Ticket price: $4.90 or 110000 VND per person

These are the top 10 must-do activities in Vietnam that you can’t miss at any cost.

Other activities to try on your trip

  • Spend time with the locals in Mai Chau
  • Embrace serenity on Phu Quoc Island
  • Spot rare primates in Cat Tien National Park
  • Explore Tra Que Vegetable Village
  • Sail through the Tam Coc rice Fields
  • Shop at the night market of Hoi An
  • Trekking in Ho Chi Minh trail
  • Cruising in Mekon Delta
  • Watch a water puppet show

Vietnam is a fantastic fusion of natural highlights and cultural diversity. You will be amazed by a country rich in history with colorful experiences and unforgettable moments. The country promises tourists a chunk of activities like a cruise at Ha Long Bay, a Food Tour, Kayaking, Sapa market, etc. With these options, you wouldn’t need to worry about what to do in Vietnam on your upcoming trip.

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Happy travel!

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