India is truly one of the eminent travel destinations of the world, ranging from ancient monuments to exotic beaches and pristine islands. The Indian Ocean surrounds the beautiful country from three sides. Thus, it inhabits some incredible islands.

The natural splendor of these incredible Indian islands is enhanced by thundering waterfalls, shimmering beaches, exotic wildlife, and much more.

Describing these islands’ beauty is impossible, further enhanced by fascinating natural features. The islands are the best vacation spots because everyone wants to escape the hustle-bustle city life.

We present some popular Islands of India to save disappointment and time spent researching.

Beautiful Islands of India

1. Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the best islands to visit in India and has many pristine beaches.

Located within the famous Andaman and Nicobar Islands, travellers will certainly be amazed at the turquoise blue waters that meet the pristine sands of the coast of this island.

You can recreate the scene from a movie by relaxing on a beach chair by the island’s picturesque beaches, sipping drinks, and taking in the breathtaking view and atmosphere.

The island embraces tourists with plenty of water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, etc., so that they can enjoy their vacation to the full extent. It is also quite popular among newlyweds and honeymooners.

Havelock Island

Best time to visit: February to June

Places to see: The island boasts many famous beaches, including Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Vijayanagar Beach.

Places to stay: Our Recommendations,

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How to reach: If you take an air-conditioned ferry from Port Blair, it will take 90 minutes to reach Havelock.

Do you need a passport for Havelock?

Tourists with Indian passports can stay and travel to this region without any permit. All foreign passport holders may need a valid passport (for at least six months) to visit Havelock.

Which is better, Havelock or Port Blair?

Havelock is a popular tourist destination in the entire Andaman Archipelago. The island has many tourist attractions and facilities similar to Port Blair.

2. Lakshadweep Island

Beautiful Lakshadweep Island is a cluster of 36 coral islands. Nestled in the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, this beautiful island of India welcomes tourists with plenty of water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, etc.

Lakshadweep Island

Before entering this region, tourists need permission from the Lakshadweep tourism office in Kochi. After this, they are allowed to enter this island.

Moreover, 93% of the population are Muslims; hence alcohol is prohibited in most islands.

Best time to visit: October to May

Places to see: Kavaratti Island Marine Aquarium, Minicoy Island and Agatti Island

How to reach: Lakshadweep is well-connected to all other parts through seaways and airways.

Which language is spoken in Lakshadweep?

Malayalam is the official language of Lakshadweep. But both Tamil and Malayalam are equally accepted in this region.

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3. Majuli Island

It is the largest river island in India and is surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra River. It is a serene place which is situated at a distance of around 200 km from Guwahati in Assam.

Majuli Island

It used to be the largest river island in the world, but continuous soil erosion has reduced its total land area. Many ancient temples and religious centres on the island are worth visiting during your vacation.

You will get a flavor of Assamese culture on this unconventional island of India. On its coast, you’ll find moss rather than sand, and traditional northeastern cuisine will prevail over seafood. But it is indeed one of the best travel destinations in India.

Best time to visit: October to December

Places to see: Don’t forget to visit the twenty-one Satras, which are present on the island. Some other notable attractions include Kamalabari Satra, Dakhinpat Satra, Garmur, Tengapania, etc.

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How to reach: You can take a boat ride from Jorhat, which is well-connected with Guwahati through the airways.

4. Diu Island

The union territory of Diu is an island which is located off the south coast of Gujarat. The island was under Portuguese rule, so there was a major Portuguese influence on the life and culture of the people there.

Diu Island

If you want to escape from the crowded beaches and waterfronts, then this peaceful island could be your best choice. The island boasts many churches and villas, giving you a Portuguese town feel.

Best time to visit: October to January

Places to see: Some note-worthy attractions of the island could be Diu Fort, Gangeshwar Temple, Seashell Museum and St Paul’s Church.

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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How to reach: Diu is well-connected to all major cities of India through airways and roadways.

Pro tip: Hire a scooter or bike and explore the island.

5. Divar Island

It is one of the untouched islands of India, located 10 km from Panjim. The island is surrounded by swampy waters and tiny roads.

Divar Island

Situated on the bank of River Mandovi, this island is home to some enthralling people and cultures. Divar is derived from the Konkani words ‘Dev’ and ‘Vaddi’ and plays an imperative role in Hindu history.

Tourists flock to this place during the festivals of Bonderam and Potekar, celebrated in August. Many travellers also visit this place for a Halloween-like festival celebrated three days before Lent.

Best time to visit: Mid-November to Mid-February

Places to see: Divar is divided into three villages: Piedade, Malar and Naroa.  Piedade is the biggest village where the Church of Our Lady of Compassion is situated.

The Sao Mathias Church in Malar is also a must-visited place.

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How to Reach: Take a ferry from Panjim and reach Divar Island.

6. Mary’s Island

Located on the coast of Udupi, St. Mary’s Island is a group of four islets. Like Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, these islands are famous for their bizarre hexagonal basaltic rock formations. The rough ocean and clear blue water make these islands a must-visited for everyone.

Mary’s Island

This beautiful island of India is still unknown to a large number of tourists.

Best time to visit: December to January

Places to see: The prime attractions of the island are Vadabhandeshwara Temple, the ruins of Daria Bahadurgarh Fort and Malpe Beach.

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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How to reach: Taking a ferry from Malpe Beach to St. Mary’s Island costs around $2.

7. Elephanta Island

Due to the presence of the well-known labyrinth of the Elephant Caves, Gharapuri (situated in the northeast of Mumbai Harbour near the Gateway of India) is commonly known as Elephanta Island.

UNESCO has designated these rock-cut marvels as world heritage sites because they demonstrate the excellence of ancient Indian craftsmanship.

Elephanta Island

Best time to visit: November to March

Places to see: Explore the ancient cave temples

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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  • Basera Hotel ($27 per night**)
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How to reach: You can reach this island by taking a ferry from 9 am to 5.30 pm.

8. Rameswaram Island

With stunning views of the Bay of Bengal, Rameswaram Island is situated on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu.

Rameswaram Island

This must-visited island is connected to the mainland by one of the longest sea bridges in India. With plenty of beaches and a galore of temples, this place truly entices travellers in every bit.

Best time to visit: December to February

Places to see: Some popular attractions of the island could be Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, Agniteertham, Gandamadana Parvatham, The five-faced Hanuman Temple, etc.

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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How to reach: You can take a train from Madurai to Pamban and then take a cab to Rameswaram.

9. Munroe Island

If you want to experience some of the beautiful Islands of India, Kerala could be the best choice. Another gem of Kerala, this 8-island cluster of Munroe Island, is a captivating network of water canals unearthed by Colonel John Munroe.

Munroe Island

This complex maze helped integrate the various water bodies of the region. Visitors can stay on houseboats to witness the mesmerizing views of nature.

Best time to visit: October to May

Places to see: Some popular attractions of the island include Thenmala, M.G Beach, Jatayu Rock, Shendurni Wildlife Sanctuary, Varkala Beach, Chavara and Palaruvi Falls.

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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  • The Quilon Beach Hotel Andamp ($75 per night**)

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How to reach: Munroe Island is only 25 km away from Kollam. You can take a ferry from Kollam and reach this island.

10. Chorao island

Being one of the largest islands of Goa, the Chorao Island pays tribute to Portuguese colonial rule. The island is also home to Goa’s largest bird sanctuary and, thus, an ideal place for ornithophiles.

The island has abundant flora, fauna, and mangroves. The island also boasts many Catholic churches and Hindu temples.

Chorao island

Best time to visit: Mid- November to Mid-February

Places to see: The Bird Sanctuary, Catholic churches, and Hindu temples.

Places to stay: Our recommendations,

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  • Grande Delmon ($56 per night**)
  • The International Centre Goa ($59 per night**)

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How to reach: You can take a ferry boat from Panjim and reach here.

11. Barren Island

Located in the eastern part of Andaman, it is the only active volcanic island in India and South Asia.

This pristine island’s stunning beauty and lava rock make it one of India’s most beautiful islands. But the sad part is that the landing ashore is prohibited.

Barren Island

You can only visit the island on a board vessel. You can also participate in various water activities like diving and barefoot scuba on your day trip to the island.

Best time to visit: February to May

Places to see: Some popular attractions include Kaala Pathar Beach, Radhanagar Beach, and Elephanta Beach.

Places to stay: There are no accommodations on this island, as it is still inhabited. You can book hotels in Port Blair.

How to reach: You can take either a seaplane or ferry ride from Port Blair to reach Barren.

12. Netrani Island

While mentioning the list of beautiful islands in India, we can’t ignore the island of Karnataka. Often known as Pigeon Island, this island is located on the coast of Murudeshwara.

Islands of India

The island is also known for its pristine beauty, picturesque landscapes, enthralling cliffs, and snaggy rocks. The island is popular among marine life enthusiasts, as whale sharks and butterflyfish surround it.

Best time to visit: December to February

Places to see: You can visit nearby temples or churches on the island.

How to reach: You can hire a boat or an auto rickshaw from Bhatkal.

Pro tip: Avoid visiting this island during monsoon (June to September) as there will be no water sports due to the high water level.

So, which of these islands piques your interest and makes you want to visit them at least once?

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Which is the most beautiful island in India?

Havelock Island in Andaman is one of India’s most popular and beautiful islands. With the largest cluster of islands, the island is famous for its azure waters and pristine sand beaches.

Which is the smallest island in India?

Umananda Island in Assam is India’s smallest and most inhabited river island. The island is situated in the middle of the Brahmaputra River.

How many islands are in India?

India is a beautiful country with more than 1208 islands. Each island is famous for its unique attractions and landmarks that make it different. Some popular islands include Havelock Island, Elephanta Island and Lakshadweep.