Dubai never fails to amaze travellers with its undisputed opulence. This glimmering jewel of the United Arab Emirates is a city where the past blends with the future. This popular travel destination received 13.6 million tourists in 2022.

With its towering skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and vibrant culture, Dubai has inscribed its name on every traveller’s bucket list.

The city is popular for holding world records and even more famous for flouting its own records. It embraces travellers with umpteen attractions, so you need to know some travel tips for visiting Dubai.

Our travel guide for the Dubai vacation will ensure you don’t miss all imperative travel tips and tricks for a memorable journey.

Travel Tips for Dubai Vacation

Table of Content
When to go
What to pack
Visa and currency
Health & Safety
Dress code
Use public transport
Drink Carefully
Shopping hacks and tips
Dubai food and eating tips
Dubai nightlife
Learn some Arabic phrases

1. When to go

It is one of the prime travel tips for Dubai vacation that everyone should ponder before planning their trips.

Dubai’s climate can be summed up in one word – hot! The city experiences scorching summers, often soaring above 40°C. Therefore, the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months, from November to March. The weather is pleasantly warm, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Dubai vacation

Events like the Dubai Shopping Festival (January- February) and the Dubai Food Festival (February- March) offer unique experiences and culinary delights that can add extra excitement to your trip.

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2. What to pack

Smart packing makes a vacation more enjoyable and comfortable. Our travel guide for the Dubai vacation will mention what items you need to pack for your upcoming vacation.

Consider the hotel climate of Dubai, pack lightweight and breathable clothing.

Though you can wear shorts, skirts, and T-shirts in most places, when visiting mosques or more conservative areas, it’s respectful to dress modestly. A scarf or shawl to cover the shoulders and wear below the knees can be handy for women.


Amazing sunset dubai downtown skyline with tallest skyscrapers and beautiful blue sky, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai’s sun is intense. Bring sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen with a high SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

You’ll be doing a fair amount of walking, so comfortable shoes are necessary.

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, as Dubai boasts stunning beaches and world-class pools.

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3. Visa and currency tips

Dubai has specific visa rules and requirements for travellers from various countries.

Citizens of GCC countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, do not require a visa to enter Dubai.

Dubai offers visa-free entry to citizens of several countries for varying durations. The stay can range from 30 to 90 days, depending on the nationality. These countries often include Western and European nations like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and most European Union member states.

hotel climate of Dubai

Some nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival, allowing them to obtain a visa at Dubai International Airport.

Travellers from countries without the visa-free or visa-on-arrival categories must apply for a tourist visa to enter Dubai.

AED (Dirhams) is the official currency of Dubai. You can carry a few AEDs with you for taxi and food expenses; the rest you can exchange at airports or malls. Also, carry international debit or credit cards to withdraw AEDs from ATMs.

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4. Accommodation tips

Dubai is a sprawling city, so consider the location of your accommodation carefully. Staying near the city or along the coast will give you easy access to many of the city’s top attractions.

Dubai offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly choices and serviced apartments. Our recommendations for hotels in Dubai,

3-star hotels

  • Delmon Boutique Hotel ($48 per night**)
  • Hafez Hotel Apartment ($49 per night**)
  • Nine Hotel ($50 per night**)

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5-star hotels

  • Avani Deira Dubai Hotel ($77 per night**)
  • Millennium Plaza Downtown Suites ($103 per night**)
  • Movenpick Jumeirah Village Triangle ($111 per night**)

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5. Health & Safety

Dubai is one of the safest places in the world, with a lower crime rate. One of the basic travel tips for Dubai vacation is to have comprehensive travel insurance. It can help cover medical expenses, trip cancellations, and unexpected emergencies.

Dubai has no health hazards, so you can enjoy a healthy experience while travelling the city. But Dubai’s climate is arid, and dehydration can be a genuine concern. Always carry a refillable water bottle and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

6. Dress code

Dubai city embraces diverse cultures, but it’s important to respect local customs and traditions, which can be more conservative. Here are some general dress code tips

Men and women should dress modestly when visiting mosques or religious sites. Women are typically required to cover their hair, shoulders, and knees, so carrying a scarf or shawl is advisable.

Wearing swimwear at the beach or by the pool is acceptable, but cover-ups should be worn when leaving these areas. Public nudity is strictly prohibited.

In most areas of Dubai, casual Western-style clothing is widely accepted. However, wearing revealing or offensive clothing in public can lead to fines or even legal trouble.

7. Use Public Transport while Moving around the city

Whether you are a tourist exploring the city or a resident commuting to work, using public transport in Dubai is not just practical; it’s an experience in itself. In this travel guide for the Dubai vacation, we will explain the public transport choices you will get.

Metro: Dubai’s metro system is one of the most modern and efficient in the world. It has two lines (red and green). It is clean and punctual and boasts separate carriages for women and children, ensuring safety and comfort.

Bus: Dubai’s bus network is extensive, connecting various parts of the city. The network consists of more than 100 lines, of which one is at night.

How to purchase a ticket?

If you prefer to explore the city by public transport, you should purchase an NOL card to travel by metro or bus. Dubai’s public transport doesn’t accept cash.

8. Be careful while drinking alcohol in Dubai

Though Dubai offers a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can enjoy alcoholic drinks, it’s essential to be aware of the city’s strict alcohol laws and regulations. So, it is one of the useful travel tips for Dubai vacation that we will discuss here.

You can consume alcohol at licensed venues, such as hotels, bars, clubs, and restaurants. But drinking in public places, on the street, or in non-licensed areas is strictly prohibited.

The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years old, but some bars are often reluctant to serve alcoholic beverages below 25 years.

9. Shopping hacks and tips

Dubai is a shopaholic’s paradise, renowned for its luxurious malls, traditional markets (souks), and many shopping opportunities. Our travel guide for Dubai vacation contains some hacks and tricks for every shopping enthusiast.

Dubai hosts several shopping festivals throughout the year, such as the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Dubai Summer Surprises. You can find incredible discounts, promotions, and entertainment during these events. It’s an excellent time to score deals on various products.

In traditional markets like the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, bargaining is customary. Be prepared to negotiate the price with the sellers, but do so respectfully and with a friendly attitude.

Dubai has several outlet malls, such as Dubai Outlet Mall and The Outlet Village, where you can find discounted designer brands and high-quality products. These outlets are perfect for those looking to snag a bargain.

Dubai International Airport offers an extensive range of duty-free shops with a variety of products, including electronics, cosmetics, and souvenirs. Take advantage of these stores if you have some last-minute shopping to do before departing.

What should I shop for in Dubai?

Dubai is famous for Arabic attars, camel milk chocolate, Oudh and Bakhoor, Persian Rugs & Carpets and Arabic pots.

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10. Dubai food and eating tips

Dubai also boasts a diverse culinary landscape that reflects its multicultural population and vibrant food scene.

Start your culinary journey by trying traditional Emirati dishes. Seek out restaurants that serve local specialities like Al Harees (a wheat and meat dish), Al Machboos (spiced rice with meat), and Luqaimat (sweet dumplings).

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore international flavors. You can find cuisine from virtually every corner of the world, from Indian and Lebanese to Japanese and Italian.

Though Dubai is known for its upscale dining, don’t overlook the street food scene. Try shawarmas, falafels, and manakish (Levantine flatbreads) from local street vendors.

Dubai also organizes various food festivals throughout the year. You shouldn’t miss them; it is certainly one of the best travel tips for a Dubai vacation.

Pro tip: Don’t leave Dubai without trying camel milk.

11. Dubai Nightlife

As the saying goes, “Dubai never sleeps,” which makes its nightlife an integral part of the city’s allure.

Dubai’s nightlife is known for its glamorous nightclubs that host renowned DJs, live music performances, and themed parties. From Pacha Ibiza Dubai to WHITE Dubai, these venues are hubs of entertainment and dancing until the early hours.

Take a traditional dhow cruise along Dubai Creek in the evening. These beautifully illuminated boats offer a serene and romantic way to enjoy the city’s stunning views, including the historic neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai.

Pro tip: Check the dress code of the specific venue you plan to visit.

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12. No PDA

Though Dubai is a welcoming and cosmopolitan city, it’s crucial to be mindful of its cultural sensitivities and adhere to local laws and customs, including refraining from public displays of affection (PDA) in public areas. It is certainly one of the essential travel tips for a Dubai vacation.

Dubai has stringent penalties for public indecency. Engaging in explicit displays of affection in public can result in fines, imprisonment, or even deportation.

13. Learn some Arabic phrases

Learning some basic Arabic phrases is one of the important travel tips for a Dubai vacation.

Though many people in Dubai speak English, making an effort to use Arabic phrases is always appreciated.

  • Min Fadlak – Please
  • Shukrun – Thank You
  • Na’am – Yes
  • La’ – No
  • Marhaba – Hello
  • Afwan – Sorry, Excuse Me


Above, we mentioned 13 travel tips for a Dubai vacation to make your holiday blissful and hassle-free.

From the tallest chocolate sculpture to the tallest skyscraper, Dubai has everything travellers can’t stop gushing! To experience it all, we have curated this travel guide for the Dubai vacation.

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What are the free things to enjoy in Dubai?

  • You can enjoy the amazing Dubai Fountain shows at Dubai Mall.
  • Explore the beautiful beaches of the place
  • Take a stroll at the beautiful Marina Bay.
  • Wander the local souks and explore the streets of Old Dubai.

How many days are enough to explore Dubai?

You need a minimum of seven days to explore all the major attractions of Dubai.

How do you save money on your Dubai vacation?

  • Use public transport instead of private cars.
  • Avoid purchasing international brands as they are pretty expensive in Dubai.
  • Water is over-priced in Dubai. So, carry a bottle with you or drink only at hotels.
  • Prefer to eat foods from street vendors instead of upscale restaurants.

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