Are you planning to take a vacation in the Caribbean, or have you been planning a trip to the mountain village somewhere in Tibet for around five years that’s been on your bucket list since you were in college?

Whatever is on your mind, now is the time to pursue your dreams, travel to different destinations, ans explore different cultures & traditions. Indeed, everyone wants a perfect dream holiday where everything is mere perfection.

So, whether you are planning a road trip, a cruise vacation, or even heading to your favorite travel destination, some travel hacks will add up a lot to your holiday!

Awesome travel hack tips for travelling smarter

Travel comes up with plenty of benefits. Some stressors can hamper the travel experience, but you don’t have to let those wreck your vacation. Check these travel hacks for comfortable and easy travel.

travel hacks

Travel Hacks Before Your Leave

  1. Save on flight tickets

Flight tickets are one of the major expenses in travelling. But if you know some travel hacks, you can save a chunk of money on flight tickets.

  1. Signing up for flight alerts on a travel aggregator is the best way to save money on air travel.
  2. If you are flexible with your flight dates and travel destination, you can save a huge amount of money.
  3. Instead of travelling weekends or other holidays, search for flights that leave at off-peck times (weekdays or with a layover).
  4. Sign up for loyalty programs with online travel platforms or airlines. You can use those points on future travel.
  5. Check last-minute flight offers from online booking sites like Bookit N Go, where you will get many reasonable flight deals for your favorite destinations.
  6. Travel during shoulder season

Travellers often think peak season is the best time to visit any destination. But for smart and easy travel, you should travel during shoulder season.

The shoulder season is considered just before and after the typical peak tourist season. During this period, you will not only get the best accommodation and flight deals but also you will get a lesser crowd.

Though the weather conditions are unpredictable, it is still the most-trusted flying and hotel booking travel hack followed by pro travellers.

  1. Save on hotels

Hotels occupy a significant portion of your travel budget. But with intelligent travel hacks, you can save a lot.

  1. Instead of hotels, you can go for homestays or hostels to save money. These are not only great options for finding budget-friendly accommodation options, but you can also meet like-minded people and enjoy the flavors of local culture.
  2. Check and compare hotel deals from various online booking sites. Bookit N Go offers 15% discounts on hotels for all travel destinations [T& C apply].
  3. Advance booking always saves a lot of money. So, book your hotels in advance and save more on your travel.
  4. Sometimes, last-minute deals are also lucrative. Online booking companies like Bookit N Go always embrace customers with irresistible last-minute deals for all popular destinations.

How can I make travel more efficient?

You can make your travel more efficient in the following ways.

  • Make a travel plan
  • Set a budget
  • Carry only necessary things
  • Book everything in advance
  • Use relevant apps
  1. Purchase travel insurance

Initially, you may think that travel insurance will uplift your travel budget, but it may appear as a blessing, especially you if experience any untoward situation in a foreign land.

Travel insurance protects you from sudden illness, theft, or missing flights. You should spend a small amount on travel insurance for safe and hassle-free travel.

Travel insurance is also beneficial if you travel with valuables or frequently make changes to your plans.

  1. Download offline maps for easy access

For easy travel, download maps and use them offline. It is an excellent travel hack as you may have intermittent net access while travelling to a foreign country.

Though offline maps don’t have all features compared to online maps, they are still handy while navigating an unknown place. You may not get lost while travelling with this simple hack.

By clicking on the offline option, you can easily download Google Maps. Once it is downloaded, you can use it to navigate without consuming any data.

  1. Download Google Translate to overcome the language barrier

Many people often fear to travel to a foreign country due to language problems. You may not understand sign boards or menus or communicate properly without understanding the local language.

Google Translate offers the best solution and travel hack to overcome all travel-related communication-related issues. Just download the app and then type or use a microphone to translate whatever you want to say.

The app has a camera feature to translate any form of text. This app is the best way to deal with all communication issues in a foreign country.

  1. Use credit cards to access airport lounges and other benefits

Travelling could be expensive if you don’t know how to manage your expenses. Airport foods are exorbitantly overpriced. You can save money while travelling is to sign up for a travel credit card with access to airport lounges.

With this credit card, you can get free food, saving you a lot of money. Moreover, relaxing at airport lounges can make your wait more enjoyable.

  1. Learn a few basic phrases

Learning basic phrases will help you stay comfortable, especially in a foreign country. Though you can’t learn a new language in a few days, learning a few lines can be an icebreaker with the locals.

In this way, you can understand the sign boards or communicate with locals in a better way. It will make your travel enjoyable, as cultural exchange is part of travel. Learning basic phrases like hello, good morning, thank you, what’s your name, etc. will help you to understand the flavors of locals.

Travel Packing Hacks

When planning your next vacation, follow these travel packing hacks to make your trip enjoyable and hassle-free.

  1. Packing light Luggage

People often overpack while going on vacation. Carrying heavy suitcases is always a hassle, and many airlines charge extra prices for overpacking.

So, packing light is one of the valuable travel packing hacks to avoid overpacking. It will not only save you money but also make your travel more comfortable. With light luggage, you can easily travel between cities or change your hotel if required.

  1. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a game changer and address all your packing-related issues efficiently. These cubes keep your luggage organized. Not only do they help you pack your luggage more efficiently, these handy lightweight organizers make unpacking a breeze. They make it easier to find what you need once you arrive at your destination.

  1. Carry a universal adapter

The plug points are not the same for all countries. Hence, they may or may not be compatible with your electronic gadgets.

But you can easily deal with the situation if you have a universal travel adapter. You don’t have to worry about the plug points or don’t need to carry a country-specific converter.

Pro tip: Purchase a good quality travel adapter with various countries.

  1. Pack a travel first-aid kit

Always carry a small first-aid kit while during. The box should contain essential medications, like painkillers, antihistamines, and stomach remedies.

With this box, you can overcome any minor health issue if you don’t get a doctor in your near during a holiday.

Though you may get medications in most places, including various countries, finding essential medicines without a prescription can be challenging in some countries. Also, medications may have different names in various countries.

  1. Carry an extra charger or a portable charger

Carrying an extra charger during your travel could be a great idea. Sometimes, your original charger may get damaged or lost; in that case, an extra or backup charger will ensure that your phone remains charged.

Pack your chargers in your handbag or purse to access them comfortably during travelling. It is one of the easy and stress-free travel hacks for a hassle-free travel experience.

Carry a portable charger or power bank in your bag when travelling. It is helpful when you have a long travel day.

  1. Pack some clothes or basic toiletries in your carry-on

Putting some clothes and toiletries in your carry bag is a wise decision. Misplaced or delayed luggage at airports is common, especially if you travel during the peak season or have another connecting flight.

To stay safer, carry a few necessary items in your hand baggage. If your luggage gets lost or misplaced, you may not need to spend money on shopping necessities.

  1. Keep offline copies of essential travel documents

Before travelling, carry necessary copies of your documents, including the passport, visa, flight tickets, vaccinations and other relevant things. You can have them physically or may save them offline on your phone.

Ensure that you can access them without the internet. If you are taking any prescribed medication, carry a copy of your prescription while travelling.

  1. A refillable water bottle is a must

A refillable water bottle is one of travel essentials for several reasons. It is cost-effective as you don’t need to purchase multiple water bottles during your trip.

Refillable water bottles save money and are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. These bottles lessen carbon footprint while travelling and minimize plastic waste.

  1. Carry noise-reducing headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are the best for minimizing the noise of aeroplanes, trains, or buses. Since they use the latest technology to block out external noise, thus; provide a relaxing and peaceful travel experience.

It is the best travel hack to avoid annoying noises like noisy seatmates, aircraft sounds, etc. These headphones allow you to focus on your work or enjoy your music, audiobooks, etc.

Miscellaneous Travel Hacks

  1. Light exercise to overcome jet lag

Jet lag is common, especially if you travel to a foreign land. But if you know how to overcome it, then this could be manageable.

Doing mild exercises like yoga or resistance band training may help combat the effects of jet lag. Practice minimizes stress, uplifts your energy levels, and promotes restful sleep.

Also, don’t fall asleep after you board a flight or when you reach your destination. Always stay hydrated during and after the flight. Take short naps and get accustomed to the local time zone as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t exchange currency at airport

Though travellers often exchange money for local currency at the airport, try to avoid it if it is unnecessary.

Exchange bureaus at the airport are overpriced, charging higher fees or offering less favorable exchange rates than others. For better rates, exchanging money at a bank or a reputable exchange in the city is advisable.

In an emergency, if you need to exchange at airports, only do it for the minimum amount required. You can use a debit or credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees and offer reasonable exchange rates.

  1. Book everything in advance

Advance booking will not only help you to get the best deals but also makes your travel hassle-free and stress-free. If you book everything in advance, you can pay more attention to sightseeing and other activities.

  1. Purchase a local SIM Card

If you need to make international calls, purchase a local SIM card. To buy a local SIM, you can easily find kiosks in the airport after arrival, or your operator may give you a global SIM card for temporary use.

  1. Prefer Early Morning Travel

Early morning travel is not suitable for everyone, but if you can manage, this is the best way to avoid crowds. Travel tends to be at its lightest during the early morning hours, so if you can swing it, try to book a flight or train that leaves early.

  1. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to use public Wi-Fi

Always use a VPN to safeguard your data and privacy when using public Wi-Fi networks while travelling. Many travellers often use Wi-Fi from airports, coffee shops, and hotels. These public networks are not secured and may tamper with your crucial information.

VPN can encrypt your internet activity, making it difficult for others to intercept and read your data. VPNs also offer a new IP address to safeguard your online identity and location.

Travel Hacks with Kids

  1. Bring a busy bag

Travelling with kids is always entertaining. But you can often face challenges that may uplift your stress level.

To make your travel experience smoother and more comfortable with kids, you must bring a bag filled with some snacks and their favorite activities. It will keep your kids busy and entertained throughout the trip. It is also a great way to avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” complaints.

  1. Download movies and shows offline

Many streaming apps like Netflix allow you to download movies and shows offline. Your kids can watch them anytime without a stable internet connection. It keeps them busy on long flights or car journeys.

  1. Book kids-friendly activities

Always book kids-friendly activities during the vacation to keep your kids active and busy. Make your kids a little more active before boarding the flight so that they can fall asleep during the journey.


Though travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, it can also be stressful for various reasons. A lot can go wrong on a trip, from planning and packing to dealing with jet lag.

However, you can avoid the most stressful situations that travellers frequently encounter if you maintain a positive attitude and are organized. The above travel hacks will help you to stay one step ahead, making your travel enjoyable and memorable.

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How can I make travel less stressful?

Travelling is rewarding, but at the same time, it can be very stressful. You can employ several strategies to make it a more enjoyable and less overwhelming experience.

Plan and prepare in advance: Research your destination thoroughly, create an itinerary, and make necessary bookings in advance.

Pack efficiently: Make a packing list and pack smartly to avoid overpacking.

Arrive early: Give yourself ample time to reach the airport or train station. This way, you can avoid rushing and have a buffer in case of unexpected delays or long security lines.

Use technology: Take advantage of travel apps and online resources. They can help you with flight updates, hotel bookings, navigation, language translation, and even provide recommendations for local attractions and restaurants.

Stay organized: Keep all your essential travel documents, such as passports, visas, boarding passes, and hotel confirmations, in one easily accessible place.

Practice self-care: Prioritize your well-being during travel. Sleep well, eat nutritious meals, stay hydrated, and incorporate physical activity into your routine when possible.

Stay connected with loved ones: Share your travel plans and itinerary with family or friends so they know where you are.

Maintain a positive attitude: Approach travel with a positive mindset and embrace the adventure. Be open to new experiences, interact with locals, and savor the unique aspects of each destination.