Spain is a vast country with many provinces and exciting nooks and corners that can amaze you. Hence, rushing through Spain in a couple of days or just visiting one or two of its towns does not give justice to the great land of diverse beauty and natural landscapes.

You will have endless reasons to visit this country, from world-class beaches to top-notch dining destinations, unique landscapes, and fantastic architecture.

Thus, intelligent tourists choose the best Spain itineraries to ensure total satisfaction on their Spanish holiday. We have structured the best Spain travel itinerary that will cater to the needs of every traveller.

Our Spain itinerary covers most of the country’s famous destinations, from Madrid to Barcelona.

So, stop worrying and begin counting the days until your arrival immediately. Our unique Spain travel itinerary can take you on a coastal road trip in Catalonia, a food tour, or a horse-drawn carriage ride in Andalusia.

What is the best time to visit Spain?

While planning your Spain trip, you must wonder about the best time to visit this country.

Many people think summer is the best time to glimpse this European country. Sightseeing and outdoor dining at restaurants can be made more enjoyable with longer days and sunny skies.

But don’t underestimate how hot Spain can get in the summer, or places like Barcelona could be jam-packed with tourists and locals.

The shoulder season between summer and winter is the most enjoyable time to visit Spain. If you visit between April and June or September and October, you can avoid the crowds and scorching heat of the peak season.

Now, Spain might be the answer if you are looking for winter escapes. Spain is indeed warmer in winter as compared to other European countries. You may not face any problems with sightseeing or affordable accommodations.

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Entry Requirements of Spain

Being a part of the Schengen Area, citizens of the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and many other nations can visit Spain without a visa for up to 90 days.

But you need to apply for a visa at your local Spanish embassy or consulate if you are from somewhere other than one of the countries that don’t require visas or want to stay longer to work or study.

Day 1: Madrid

Your Spain adventure will begin with Madrid. Despite being a modern cultural hub and home to several grandiose landmarks, Madrid, Spain’s capital, is frequently overlooked.

Madrid is the utmost place to start if you want to learn more about Spain and its culture.

Places to visit

The Puerta del Sol, a lively square in the heart of Madrid, is the best place to start.

We also include prominent places like the Plaza Mayor in Spain itinerary to understand the city’s bustling energy. This square is surrounded by grand buildings that have portico arcades running through them. It is located in the old part of Madrid.

Your next stop will be at the Royal Palace of Madrid, with over 3,000 rooms. Stroll around its nurseries outside or visit the inside rooms of this illustrious home.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the ancient Egyptian temple (Templo de Debod), which is located here.

Both these attractions give you access to Gran Va, Madrid’s striking boulevard, which pierces through much of Madrid.

You can stroll away from the hubbub of the city on the massive grounds of Parque del Buen Retiro.

If you are still brimming with energy, you can visit the Prado Museum, a world-famous art museum that houses masterpieces by artists from the Italian and Flemish schools and the Spanish Golden Age.

Puerta del Sol

Pro Tip: Book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues in front of the Prado Gallery (especially during the peak season).

Places to Stay

Our recommendations,

  • Hospederia Santa Cruz (136 CAD or $101 per night **)
  • Ciudad De Fuenlabrada (136 CAD or $101 per night **)
  • Equo Villa De Pinto (149 CAD or $110 per night **)
What’s better, Madrid or Barcelona?

Many people think Barcelona is better than Madrid, as it is a coastal city bursting with Catalan culture, stunning beaches, and eminent landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

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Day 2: Madrid

It could be challenging for you to explore Madrid in a single day.

On your next day, you will partake in some top cultural attractions and activities in Madrid.

Places to Visit

In our Spain itinerary, we are adding some fantastic attractions that you should visit on your Spain holiday.

Reina Sofía Museo: Picasso and Dali’s works from the 20th century are exhibited beautifully at the Reina Sofia Museum. It is a renowned art museum portraying Spanish artists’ craftsmanship and proficiency.

Santiago Bernabéu Arena: Football plays an imperative role in Spanish culture. And there is no better place to feel that passion than Real Madrid’s home stadium, Santiago Bernabéu Arena. Any day, you can tour the stadium and get mesmerized by the dressing rooms, the presidential box, and other areas.

Segovia: Segovia (an ancient city in Spain) will captivate you with its historical sights. You can walk the traditional Jewish Quarter streets or marvel at the Roman Aqueduct that still stands.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to visit Alcázar fortress, where you can see the castle rooms and sweeping views from the tower.

Toledo: Toledo has wholly preserved its historic character. A day trip to Toledo will give a new shape to your Spain itinerary.

The city is blessed with two monumental landmarks, the Cathedral of Toledo and the Alcazar. Due to its multicultural past, you can also find relics from the city’s historical Christian, Jewish, and Arab communities.

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Day 3: Seville

Your next destination will be Seville, which is 533 km away from Madrid. You can travel either by car or train.

Located in Andalusia, Seville captivates every traveller’s heart with its Spanish and Moorish architecture. Visitors love this place due to its cultural traditions of flamenco and tapas.

Places to Visit

In Seville, you will get a glimpse of the Real Alcazar. Game of Thrones fans can visit this magnificent royal palace and gardens, including the Patio de las Doncellas.

Across the road, you will find the Seville Cathedral, once the city mosque but currently crowned as the 3rd biggest church on the planet.


Pro tip: You should climb to the top of La Giralda Tower for unrivalled city views.

It’s nice to walk around the nearby Santa Cruz with its traditional houses and orange-tree-lined streets.

Also, you will find your way to the central pedestrian thoroughfare of Avenida de la Constitución. Here, you will meet the Royal Tobacco Factory and other notable buildings of the University of Seville.

Visit Plaza de Espana (every photographer’s fantasy), and take a stroll along the leafy boulevards of Parque de Mara Luisa. Though this specially ornamented pavilion on this square was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair, it still enchants every visitor.

Places to Stay

  • Pension Giraldilla (146 CAD or $108 per night **)
  • Apartamentos Puerta Del Sur (170 CAD or $126 per night **)
  • Vertice Apartamentos Sevilla Aljarafe (172 CAD or $127 per night**)

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Day 4: Seville

It is impossible to see everything in Seville in one day. Our Spain travel itinerary includes other notable attractions of Seville that you should visit on your 4th day.

Start your day by visiting Metropol Parasol. It is an excellent architectural wonder that uplifts the glory of Spain.


After visiting this beehive-like pavilion, your next stop will be the Seville Museum of Fine Arts. This museum exhibits many masterpieces created during Seville’s Golden Age of painting.

If you want to do some thrilling activities in Seville, you can try bullfighting, which you will learn more about at the Real Maestranza Bullring. You can also explore the sport inside the museum besides visiting the historic arena.

Walking along the Guadalquivir River’s waterfront to the Torre del Oro, a historic city watchtower, is one of Seville’s free activities.

After spending time on one side of the river, you can explore the entire Triana neighborhood.

Flamenco bars are another thing you will find here, where you can experience this energetic dance along with some music. Later, find some tapas either in the city centre or Triana.

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Day 5: Granada

While curating the best Spain itinerary, we have kept some space for Granada, another treasure of Andalusia. Though you need several days to explore this place, one day is sufficient to discover all the attractions of Granada.

Granada spain

Places to Visit

The Granada Cathedral could be great to start your day. This enormous building stands out from other attractions and even attracts a visitor from a mile away. It feels formidable from inside its consecrated, echoing halls.

Your next stop will be the historic Islamic Grand Bazaar. You can see the Royal Chapel or roam the streets of the whitewashed Albaicín neighbourhood.

Since time constraints, you should spend most of the day at the world-famous Alhambra. The Alhambra looks like an entire town all on its own, and here you will discover Granada’s most spectacular spots.

While rambling around the gardens, you will be amazed by the fountains, hedges and panoramic terraces.

The prime attraction of this complex is the Nasrid Palaces, famous for their delicate Islamic design and reflecting pools. It is undoubtedly a must-visited place in the town.

Places to Stay

  • Abades Loja (103 CAD or $76 per night **)
  • Abades Guadix (120 CAD or $89 per night**)
  • Bs Principe Felipe (134 CAD or $99 per night**)

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Day 6: Valencia

The best Spain itinerary won’t be completed without mentioning the name of this city.

Though this city doesn’t gain the same status as other places, you won’t regret visiting this Spain’s 3rd largest city.

The distance between Granada to Valencia is 500 km; you can travel by bus, train, or a short flight.

Places to Visit

Start your Valencia tour by exploring the swarming central market of Valencia at the Nouveau building.

After looking at the Jamon and Chorizo, step outside the city’s historic centre to the La Lonja de la Seda, a UNESCO-listed architectural wonder.

Valencia spain

Venture over to the Valencia Cathedral and the El Miguelete Tower once you have passed the iconic Plaça de la Reina.

The next stop will be at Serranos Gate, a colossal set of towers once part of the city walls.

If you are not tired, saunter around El Carmen and enjoy its Bohemian vibes. The place is crammed with many rooftop bars and restaurants which will cater to every traveller’s taste.

Pro tip: Remember to taste Valencian paella, the place’s signature dish.

Places to Stay

  • As Torrent (133 CAD or $99 per night **)
  • Olympia Ronda I (143 CAD or $106 per night**)
  • Olympia Ronda Ii (147 CAD or $109 per night**)

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Day 7: Valencia

Valencia has no dearth of attractions; you need to spend another day here to cover its notable landmarks and destinations.

Valencia has much more to offer than just its historical side. The City of Arts and Sciences is flooded with a modish complex of cultural venues and architectural gems.

The Hemisfèric planetarium and the L’Oceanogràfic aquarium are additional attractions ideal for families with young children.

Jardín del Turia

The next stoppage is the Jardín del Turia, adjacent to the City of Arts and Sciences. It was where Valencia’s River Turia ran through this area earlier. But now, it has become an impeccably finished park ideal for a break from the hustle-bustle of city life.

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Day 8: Barcelona

It could be the last stop of your Spain adventure. The coast of Catalonia is the ideal location to cap off your trip to Spain.

Places to Visit

You can start with the Casa Batlló and Casa Mila, designed by Gaudi, in Barcelona’s downtown area. Reach the top of Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera.

Barcelona spain

Once you get past the lively Placa de Catalunya, you will be on La Rambla, the main green street in the city.

Your next stop will be Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, or Old Town, via the street of La Rambla. The Cathedral of Barcelona and the picturesque Bridge of Sighs are just two of the many sights to see here.

Another popular tourist destination is the Boqueria Market, which sells sumptuous food and products.

This place is adjacent to the Güell Palace, another architectural marvel designed by Gaudi that you should visit. You might also enjoy going to the Picasso Museum.

To conclude your day here, visit La Barceloneta, the city’s lively and fun beachfront. Have a great time at a few best seashores and stops in Barcelona.

Places to Stay

  • Porta De Gallecs (138 CAD or $102 per night **)
  • Cel.Les Abat Marcet (156 CAD or $115 per night**)
  • Alberg Abat Oliba (169 CAD or $125 per night**)

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Day 9: Barcelona

There are still a few of the best things to do in Barcelona. If you want to see Parc Güell, you can’t avoid Gaudi. Moreover, the Gaudi House Museum is another attraction to satisfy your Spain trip.

La Sagrada Familia Church spain

La Sagrada Familia Church is one of the noteworthy places in Barcelona. This church is beautiful, especially inside its dazzling central nave.

Moreover, take a glimpse of the Arco de Triunfo, a grand archway from the 19th century. It will also take you to Ciutadella Park, where you will find emerald-green landscapes and fountains like the Cascada Monumental. It also houses the Catalan Parliament and the Castell dels Tres Dragons Museum & Exhibition Centre.

A trip to Montjuïc Mountain could be the best way to complete your day. The place has a military museum, which you can reach only by cable car.

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Is Barcelona good for shopping?

Barcelona inscribed its name as one of the top ten fashion capitals in the world. This cosmopolitan city is brimming with many shops, boutiques, markets, and shopping centres that sell souvenirs and specialized products from Catalonia. These establishments are ideal for anyone who enjoys shopping and fashion.

Day 10: Andalusia, San Sebastian/Bilbao & Mallorca

An ideal 10-day Spain itinerary will help you cover Spain’s most important places within a stipulated time. It doesn’t imply the country has not more great places. If you still have time, visit the below-mentioned places that we have incorporated into the Spain travel itinerary.

Andalusia: In addition to Seville and Granada, Andalusia is home to a plethora of other fantastic cities and towns. This Southern Spain region clamors with cultural, historical, and lovely spots to visit.

Some noteworthy attractions in Andalusia include Cordoba, the vibrant coastal city of Malaga, little Ronda with its glorious bridge and all the beaches along the Costa del Sol.

San Sebastian/Bilbao: San Sebastian and Bilbao are two prime cities in Basque Country up north. San Sebastian is a fabulous oceanfront city with Belle Epoque architecture, and Bilbao is brimming with cultural establishments and trendy buildings like the Guggenheim Museum.

Mallorca: If you want to explore Spain from a different angle, consider visiting Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands.

This place is acclaimed due to its stunning beachfront resorts and habit of enticing young party lovers with places like Magaluf. Apart from its craggy countryside and seaside coves, the place is bulging with quaint little villages beseeching to be explored.

Pro tip: Remember to visit the main city Palma, which amalgamates cultural attractions with a good dosage of shopping and bars.

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Now, you have everything in front of you regarding how to explore Spain in 10 days. With this itinerary, planning your Spain trip could be hassle-free and a breeze, and the hard part will be waiting until you arrive.

Visit Bookit N Go and find some of the best travel deals for Spain. If you want to explore other destinations on your Spain trip, let us know, and we will happily offer you a customized Spain travel itinerary.


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How many days are enough for Spain?

The number of days for a Spain vacation depends on every traveller’s budget and interests. However, we will recommend a minimum of 10 days to comfortably explore all major attractions of this European country, like Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Seville, etc.

What is the cheapest month to visit Spain?

If budget is your problem, consider visiting Spain in the fall (September to October) or spring (March to May). Besides the comfy weather, you will get fewer crowds in most destinations. You may get good travel deals (cheaper air tickets and affordable accommodation) from travel companies like Bookit N Go.

Do people in Spain speak English?

The number of English-speaking people in Spain is limited, as their mother tongue is Spanish. Foreigners in Spain usually speak in English, but most locals won’t. We recommend learning basic Spanish phrases for convenience and smooth communication if you plan to visit Spain.

How much money will I need for my Spain vacation?

You must plan to spend around $130 or 173 CAD (Canadian Dollars) per day on your vacation in Spain. You need to spend $34 or 45 CAD on meals for one day and $24 or 32 CAD on local transportation.

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