Kenya is a land of never-ending wonder, where the diversity of its cultures and natural beauty create an experience unlike any other.

Trek through majestic landscapes that will take your breath away, learn about the vibrant cultures of the local tribes, be mesmerized by pristine Kenya safari & beaches, and get up close with some of the most awe-inspiring creatures in the world.

Kenya is blessed with all, from the majestic savannas of the Masai Mara to the crystal-clear waters of Diani Beach. Witness the best wildlife in Kenya, catch a glimpse of the “Big Five” on an exhilarating safari, and explore the enthralling traditions of the locals.

Kenya boasts a preponderance of attractions, and thus it is an ideal destination for adventure buffs, nature lovers, and culture aficionados.

Please check our guide for the best time to visit Kenya for Safari and other attractions.

When is the best time to Visit Kenya?

If you want to visit the best beaches in Kenya and explore its wildlife, the dry season from late June to October and January to February could be the best time to visit this country.

 best beaches in Kenya

Are you an adventure lover or prefer bird watching? Then the rainy season could be the best time for lower prices and fewer crowds.

But the best time to visit Kenya depends on what you want to see and experience during your trip. Kenya witnesses a tropical climate with two rainy seasons and two dry seasons.

When is the best season to visit Kenya?

The best season to visit Kenya is between late June to October. Our guide will help you to know more about various seasons in Kenya and what to do in those times to enjoy the nation wholeheartedly.

Peak Season

The Kenyan climate is ideal for year-round travel to this beautiful nation. But if you want to experience the beautiful wildlife in Kenya and its pristine beaches, then July to October and January to February are the best times.

Since the weather is sunny and dry, many wild animals come out to drink water. So you can easily spot them on your trip. Tourists from different parts usually flock to this country during this time as animals gather around ponds and rivers.

beautiful wildlife in Kenya

The sky remains clear, so you can enjoy the sunshine on the best beaches in Kenya or even go hiking.

But during the peak season, the demand is high due to excess crowd, making it less affordable for every traveller.

How to book a safari in Kenya?

You can easily book a safari in Kenya from various local tour operators. The price range is between $600 to $2000 per person per night.

Shoulder Season

The shoulder season in Kenya lasts between January & February and November to early December.

These months experience two rainy seasons and two dry seasons. These months are less crowded and less expensive than the peak season.

Do you have any interest in seeing wildebeest calving in the Masai Mara? Then, January and February could be the best months, as thousands of wildebeest give birth to their progeny during this time.

The climate is generally dry, but you may expect sporadic rains. This is also an excellent time to visit Kenya.

Off Season

The rainy season between March and May is considered Kenya’s off-season.

Many lodges and wildlife camps remain closed due to extreme rain and muddy condition. Wildlife viewing is also tricky as the vegetation is lush and dense.

During this rainy season, you can expect heavy rain and thunderstorms, making it challenging for outdoor activities.

Still, Kenya’s rainy season attracts tourists interested in bird watching, hiking, and witnessing its stunning landscapes in green and lush states.

The rainy season is less crowded and affordable as compared to other seasons. If your budget is constrained, you can visit Kenya during this time.

When is the cheapest time to visit Kenya?

The off-season (March to May and again from October to November) is the cheapest time to visit Kenya. Since this is not the peak season, you can expect fewer crowds and lower accommodation and flight prices.

A month-by-month guide to travel in Kenya


January is dry and sunny, making it ideal for visiting the best beaches in Kenya and enjoying its marvelous wildlife. You may expect occasional short rains while the landscape is lush with long grass.

Temperature: The maximum temperature could be around 26°C during the day, and the lowest could be 16°C (in the night).

Major events

Though the country doesn’t observe any major festivals in January, you may enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park or spectacular wildlife witnessing in Masai Mara.


Kenya observes dry and humid weather in February. It is one of the must-see attractions in February, with volcanoes, hot springs, and various geothermal activities. Apart from Masai Mara and Amboseli National Park, you can include Hell’s Gate National Park in your Kenya itinerary.

Temperature: The highest temperature is 28°C, and the lowest could be around 13°C

Major events

In late February, Nairobi Restaurant Week (a 10-day food event) is held, where you can get local and international cuisines.


It is the beginning of the long rainy season in Kenya. Viewing the wildlife in Kenya could be challenging during this time, but if you love bird watching, this could be the ideal time. You can also enjoy emerald-green landscapes in their thick and stunning state.


Temperature: The temperature remains between 25°C to28°C. It hardly drops below 20°C.

Major events

During this time, the country hosts East African Community Arts Festival. The festival exhibits music and art from various African countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda.


April belongs to the rainy season in Kenya. Due to heavy rain and potential flooding areas, travelling to Kenya during this month could be challenging. The parks and forests may turn into quagmires due to heavy showers.

The tourists are only a few in April. But if you are comfortable in the rain, you may visit Kenya this time.

Temperature: the temperature stays between 30°C to 12°C.

Major events

Easter is one of the prime festivals in Kenya, along with some parades and local celebrations.


Due to heavy rain and flooding, travelling to Kenya this month is almost impossible. Only the coastal side is hot and muggy; the rest of the city is pretty cool.

Temperature: The average temperature lies between 24°C to 14°C.

Major events

Besides Labor Day, many celebrations and festivals are observed in various parts of the country.


June belongs to the dry season and is the best time to visit Kenya. The day remains pleasant, but the night temperatures may fall. Though rains have finished from most of the country, you may expect some light showers.

You can witness an outstanding view of the wildlife in Kenya, especially in the Masai Mara National Reserve. Many people plan for a Kenya vacation as the wildebeest migration starts at the end of the month.


Temperature: The temperature remains between 23°C to 12°C

Major events

The Kenyan Musical Festival is held in June. This festival portrays different music and traditional dance forms of Kenya.


July is an excellent time to visit Kenya, as the temperature is dry and pleasant. Though occasional rain can be expected, this is an ideal time to plan a Kenya vacation, as the wildebeest migration is in full swing at the Masai Mara Forest.

It is when travellers flock to Masai Mara from Tanzania and other parts. So, you can expect a lot of crowds during this time.

Temperature: Temperature could be between 22°C to 11°C.

Major events

The annual Rhino Charge (an annual motorsport event) is held during this period.


August is the coolest month in Kenya, but the weather remains pleasant and dry. If you want to explore the coastal part without any cool breeze, visit Kenya now. Many wildebeest and zebra cross the Mara and Talek Rivers, having a great chance of viewing these creatures.

August is the coolest month in Kenya

Temperature: The expected temperature could be around 26°C to 16°C.

Major events

The annual Masai Mara Marathon happens in the Masai Mara National Reserve.


Are you planning for beach holidays in Kenya? September is the best time, as the weather remains cool and dry over the coastal region.

September is also the best time to visit Kenya safari at various destinations for awesome game viewing. Always carry sunscreen, water, and hats with you while visiting any places in Kenya during this time.

Visit Kenya for safari trip

Temperature: The expected temperature could be around 29°C to 18°C.

Major events

The Maralal International Camel Derby is observed in September in Maralal.


October is one of the popular months to visit Kenya due to its comfortable and dry weather. Natural life viewing is brilliant during this time, particularly in the Masai Mara Reverse, as the wildebeest relocation is generally going all out.

It could be the best month to visit Kenya if you want to view the excellent game opportunities without avoiding crowds.

Temperature: The temperature ranges between 25°C to 22°C.

Major events

The Maralal International Camel Derby may sometime extend into October.


November belongs to the short rainy season in Kenya, so it could be an ideal time to visit Kenya if you like bird watching or want to enjoy green landscapes. You can see most parts of Kenya without much crowd.

Temperature: The temperature could be between 23°C to 21°C.

Major events

The Lamu Cultural Festival observes in November on Lamu Island.


December is the best time for wildlife viewing, as the short dry season begins. Lots of festivities make this time ideal for travellers visiting Kenya. The weather is dry and sunny throughout the country.

Temperature: The temperature is expected between 26°C to 20°C.

Major events

The entire nation observes Christmas and New Year’s Eve at this time.


The best time to visit Kenya depends on your choices and what you want to see & explore in this magical country. Whether you are planning to experience Kenyan culture or prioritize adventure activities, Kenya could be the best destination for all travellers.

So, research and plan your Kenya vacation accordingly, considering the specific regions and activities you wish to explore.

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How many days are enough to cover Kenya?

The length of the trip depends on various factors, including preferences, places to visit, hotel choices, things to do, and so in. But a minimum of 7-10 days is recommended.

What is the official currency of Kenya?

The official currency of Kenya is the Kenyan shilling (KES).

What are some of the must-try cuisines and dishes in Kenya?

Kenyan cuisine is delicious and flavorable, with influences from different countries, including Indian, Arab, and European cuisine. On your Kenya trip, don’t forget to try dishes like ugali, sukuma wiki, and nyama choma (grilled meat).

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