Travel has become an integral part of human life for decades. It will be hard to find anyone who is not fond of travelling. Travel aficionados explore various places of the world, unearth new places and indulge in different cultures.

Travelling helps you to alleviate your everyday stress by giving you the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation. But, you might be astonished that travelling is also pernicious to nature and causes environmental pollution.

Whenever you travel (irrespective of the mode of travel), you contribute to degrading the environment. Toxic emissions from fuel, excessive use of plastic, trespassing into the natural habitat of wild animals and plants, etc., significantly contribute to environmental pollution.

These days, travellers have become more environmentally conscious, and 71% claim that eco-friendly travel is essential.

As a responsible traveller, protecting mother earth while enjoying your trip is your prime concern. Let’s take an oath on this World Environmental Day (5th June) to support green travel and avoid leaving an environmental footprint.

Environment &vEco-friendly touring tips

Pack Lighter: Packing plays an imperative role in travelling. But people often do over-packing to ensure they get everything on their vacation. Have you ever thought that over-packing might cause an ill effect on the environment?

The weight of your luggage can create a huge difference, especially if your mode of transport is air. Unfortunately, it is true!

The carbon emissions from the aircraft may cause detrimental effects on the environment. Several statistics have also claimed that a plane with excess weight burns more fuel and emits more carbon dioxide. Therefore, when flying, you should only carry the “most required” items and discard the rest.

Sustainable accommodation: Hotels remain a significant source of pollution because they generate a lot of waste. From their high commercial cleaning requirements to their impressive water and energy waste, hotels may provide a luxury experience, but they do little regarding environmental protection.

environmental protection

That is why the past decade has seen steady growth in alternative accommodation methods and green travel. Travellers prefer eco-tourism and are looking for sustainable hotels. According to statistics, three in five (62%) travellers prefer to stay in green lodging at least once in the next year.

These types of hotels not only offer a more personal, raw experience but also lessen waste. Guests only use the resources they need, and disposal is done more responsibly.

Use public transport: Most people prefer to visit the hills due to the fresh oxygen and good air quality. But what’s the point of visiting mountainous areas if the air quality is as bad as in cities?

The rising number of tourist vehicles is the prime factor contributing to the rapid decline in air quality, even in hilly areas. Always opt for public transportation to minimize fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

If you need a cab, prefer a smaller model to diminish the environmental impact. But nothing could be better than exploring the destination on foot or by bicycle.

Choose eco-friendly travel destinations: Next time you consider “going away,” why not change the thought to “go away green”? These days, people are more conscious of the environment and their actions’ impact on the planet.

While we still feel the need to enjoy a vacation and set our footprints around the world, it is essential to do so without deepening our carbon footprints. Planning a green vacation is one way to have fun, not at the expense of our ecosystems.

green vacation

In tune with this thinking, many vacation spots offer eco-friendly alternatives for travellers. Whether applying energy-saving amenities to hotels or vacation rentals or offering local foods in restaurants, these destinations welcome all environmentally conscious tourists to stay. Those unaware of eco-travel are bound to find their vacations educational and enjoyable.

Which vacation spots are going green? A simple Internet search will land you thousands of results. Some popular eco-friendly travel destinations include Costa Rica, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Kerala, Iceland, New Zealand, etc.

Never Litter: Littering is a shameful act that not only tarnishes a landscape’s beauty but also contributes to poor waste management and unhealthy conditions in the environment. Therefore, try not to litter—not once, not even once with a cigarette’s butt.

Always adhere to a leave-no-trace regimen; wherever you go (camp, park, beach, or any other location), ensure that everything you bring in is carried out well. Don’t forget to dispose of your garbage in trash cans. Carry a small bag with you to stockpile all the trash.

Reduce Energy Use: Electric power plants produce enormous harmful emissions responsible for air pollution. In the long run, this harmful emission affects the climate severely.

Reduce Energy Use: Electric power plants produce

Hence, limiting energy use is a prime necessity to safeguard the environment. Whenever you leave your hotel rooms, don’t forget to switch off the lights, AC and TV.

If you don’t want your room vacuumed, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door.

Choosing a larger room or cottage rather than multiple smaller rooms to accommodate your family is another innovative way to lessen electricity consumption while travelling.

Conserve Water: The excessive use and waste of water already overwhelm global water resources. So, as a responsible traveller, you should know how to conserve water while travelling. Choosing a bath over a shower is the easiest option.


Always prefer shorter baths, and never forget to turn off the taps after a shampoo, shave or brushing.

Please don’t give your clothes to hotel laundry as it uses more natural resources. So, try to wash your clothes by yourself.

Avoid Plastic & Carry Reusables: We are sure you must be heard about how plastic waste clogs up the oceans. Plastic is the biggest rival of Mother Nature. It is essential to refrain from using items like water bottles, cutlery, bags, and other plastics (not even for once).

Avoid Plastic & Carry Reusables:

To safeguard the environment, carry a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing a disposable one every few hours. Always carry toiletries and reusable shopping bags to lessen plastic waste.

Avoid Food Wastage: According to studies conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, food wastage has a negative impact on the environment and biodiversity. As a traveller, your small steps may change this ‘food wastage’ epidemic.

Avoid buffets and only order the amount of food you know you will finish. Also, bringing your own food is a good idea, especially if travelling with kids and older adults.

Save Paper: Though paper plays an imperative role in packaging, communication, and documentation, it is the prime reason for deforestation and flooding. Every year, billions of trees are being cut down for paper, which perilously affects the environment.

As an eco-friendly traveller, you must carry soft copies of your documents and tickets while travelling. If you need to write about your travel experience or other things, do it on your phone or tablet to save paper.

You will surely enjoy a guilt-free vacation trip by doing all these steps. Now, you can enjoy and appreciate both the natural sights and beautiful places in the world and contribute to preserving the environment simultaneously.

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